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Love the Dog, Hate the Poo.
  • You and your pet can help protect our lakes.  Take a bag with you on walks to pick up after your pet.  Dispose of the waste in the toilet or trash. 
  • It’s the Law!  Orlando City code and Orange County Ordinance require you to pick up after your pet.  It’s a nuisance and leads to water pollution, no matter where you live.
  • Water Pollution.  Un-scooped poop washes into storm drains, which drain directly to local lakes and water bodies, harming human health, wildlife and the environment.
  • Reduced Oxygen Levels.  Decomposition of pet waste demands a high level of oxygen from water, reducing the amount of dissolved oxygen available to plants and animals – resulting in fish kills.
  • Algae Blooms.  Pet waste adds excess nutrients like those found in cow manure to lakes – resulting in algae blooms.
Other lake-friendly pet practices:
  • Baths & Washing – Never let pet products or wash water run off into the street, gutter or storm drain.  When possible, bathe your pet indoors or visit a professional groomer.  Otherwise, wash your pet on the lawn or a permeable surface.
  • Flea Control –  Consider using oral or topical flea control products.  Dispose of any unused products, like shampoos, sprays or collars at a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center.  Call 407.836.6600.
For more information, visit the City of Orlando's "Stop the Poo-llution" site here.