Vista Lakes Community Development District
The Vista Lakes Community Development District (CDD) owns and maintains properties including the median strips and land along the sides of Lee Vista Boulevard and Chickasaw Trail, the signature walls and gates as well as some other walls, the retention ponds and lakes including the land surrounding them, and the conservation areas. See this map for details.
Community Development Districts are local units of a special-purpose government entity created in accordance with Florida statutes for the purpose of financing and managing the acquisition, construction, operation and maintenance of the basic infrastructure for communities like Vista Lakes. The basic infrastructure includes roads, streetlights, bridges, culverts, walls, water supply, sanitary sewage, wastewater management, storm sewers and retention ponds. The Vista Lakes CDD was established in February 2000.
The Vista Lakes CDD issued bonds to finance their efforts. Money for bond principle and interest payments as well as operating and maintenance expenses comes from payments from residents and owners of commercial properties. We pay this money when we pay our annual tax bills. The “non-ad valorem” assessment on your tax bill is the CDD assessment.
The Vista Lakes CDD is managed by a five member Board of Supervisors. Currently there are three Vista Lakes residents on the Board. The Board meets the second Thursday of February, May, August and November at 10:00 am at the Vista Lakes Residents' Club, 8841 Lee Vista Blvd., Orlando. Meetings are open to the public with a portion of each meeting is devoted to audience comments and questions.
The Vista Lakes CDD has contracted with Severn Trent to manage the maintenance and operation of CDD assets in Vista Lakes.