Realtor Signs

On January 9, 2017 the Vista Lakes Board of Directors voted to put into place the revisions of the governing documents of the Architectural Guidelines and Use Restrictions. Included in these changes under the Use Restrictions were sign changes (2.0 Signs). Changes have been made regarding “FOR SALE” and “FOR RENT” Real Estate signs. The signs will be required to be Vista Lakes Board approved standardized signs.  As property owners it will be our responsibility to ensure proper signs are used in the proper manor when selling or renting our homes. Please inform your Realtor or Property Management Company of these restrictions.
These restrictions will keep all signage in our beautiful community uniform. A sample of the signs to be implemented will be located in the Residents’ Club Office as well as at the below links.
Other rules
  • Only one Real Estate sign is permitted per lot with signs prohibited between the sidewalk and curb.
  • Sign is to be 24" by 18", metal frame ONLY. No 4"x4" post allowed. 
  • One “Open House” sign is permitted between the sidewalk and street at the entrance to a neighborhood. The Open House signs will be generic and no larger than 24" by 9.5"
  • All signs are prohibited along and in the median of the boulevards and medians.
The Real Estate signage restrictions were changed in order to keep our Vista Lakes Community attractive and at the suggestion of several property owners. As a property owner, please inform your Realtor and Property Management Company of these restrictions and changes. If your home currently has a sign in the front yard please make sure the proper sign is used for replacement immediately to avoid possible HOA violations.