Important Announcements
Safety and Security Committee Holiday Tips
During the busy holiday season, the Safety and Security Committee would like to share some holiday tips that would surely keep the Grinch from ruining your holidays.
  1. Keep your cars parked in your garage, driveway, and/or apron.
  2. Keep any part of your vehicle from blocking the pedestrian walkway as it’s a violation of the City of Orlando municipal code and carries a possible ticket/towing. 
  3. Please use the resources provided by your HOA.  Parking Boss is a great option when there’s family members that shouldn’t be on the road and there’s no space on your property.  Links to the gated and non-gated communities are on this home page.
  4. Check your fire extinguisher, smoke detector, CO2 detector, and have a contingency plan in case something goes wrong.
  5. Use battery-operated candles.
  6. Keep combustibles at least three feet from heat sources.
  7. Protect cords from damage.
  8. Check decorations for certification label.
  9. Stay in the kitchen when something is cooking.
  10. Turn off, unplug, and extinguish all decorations when going to sleep or leaving the house.
From the Safety and Security Committee,  we hope that these tips will keep you and your family safe this holiday season and we’d like to wish you all Happy Holidays.
Holiday Outdoor Decorating Contest WINNERS
Message from the Vista Lake Community Association (VLCA) Board: 2021 Assessments
December 2, 2020
2021 VLCA Quarterly Assessments will stay as the same rate as 2020; there will be no changes in the quarterly assessment amounts for this coming year.  In the next few weeks you will be receiving your 2021 VLCA Quarterly Assessment coupon book and instruction letter. 
At the last VLCA Board Workshop a few weeks ago, the Board unanimously voted to exclusively use BB&T bank for VLCA assessment payments in 2021.  BB&T has provided a long history of excellent banking relationship with our community. Last year the Board also offered Alliance Bank an opportunity to potentially earn our business for assessment payments. Unfortunately, they did not live up to their service promises and attempted to overcharge for VLCA coupon books this year.  The Board determined that BB&T has continued to offer a strong commitment to service, the ability for in-person bank payments, and are providing our coupon books for a fraction of the cost of using Alliance Bank.  By moving exclusively to BB&T we will be saving the community over $8,000 this year which will be used to continue our improvements to our VLCA amenities.
  • If you were enrolled with Alliance Bank for automatic payments in 2020, your account has been automatically canceled.  You will need to enroll with BBT as soon as you get your coupon book so that your January 2021 payment is not delayed.  Please monitor your first January 2021 payment to make sure that it was debited from your account.  
  • If you choose bill pay with your own banking institution, please contact your bank to make the changes needed to send your payments to BB&T when you receive your coupon book.  
  • If your mortgage company pays your assessments through escrow, please remember to update the BB&T information with your mortgage company. 
  • If you choose to pay by check, please always include your paper coupon for that assessment payment with your check, as the bank is able to process payments more accurately with the codes embedded in the coupon.
Please contact the VLCA staff at the Residents Clubhouse (407-207-1202), or contact Castle (954-792-6000) if you have any payment related questions after receiving your coupon book and instructions.
ARC Committee Meeting
Wednesday, January 20, 2021
10am to 2pm
ARC Committee Meeting
Wednesday, February 3, 2021
10am to 2pm
ARC Committee Meeting
Wednesday, February 17, 2021
10am to 2pm
ARC Committee Meeting
Wednesday, March 3, 2021
10am to 2pm
Community Garage Sale
Saturday, March 6, 2021
7am to 2pm
ARC Committee Meeting
Wednesday, March 17, 2021
10am to 2pm
ARC Committee Meeting
Wednesday, April 7, 2021
10am to 12pm
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Things to Know
2019 Resident of the Year
Most residents have heard of the many great things that happen here in Vista Lakes.  Some have experienced things like, helpful information from a neighbor.  What’s the best way to handle an issue (from post on the neighborhood Facebook pages)?  And then there is usually that one person who is always going well beyond what is expected.  And for this person, Resident of the Year honors was established.
The first recipient of this annual award is Carla Daly!  It should come to no one as a surprise as she has earned this honor for so many contributions over the years.  It’s not just what she does by transforming her home every year into a haunted house for thousands to enjoy.  Nor is it just for the annual Easter festivities she provides for many of our children and grandchildren to enjoy!  What comes to mind is the unending support she provides to this community without recognition.  She works on the Amenities Committee and regularly interfaces with the CDD to make sure our community’s interests are addressed.   The list of her contributions goes well beyond what we have space for here.  So please congratulate Carla Daly as the Vista Lakes Resident of the Year.
Gary Mitchell
VLCA Vice President
Proposed Cell Tower in Vista Lakes
Proposed Communication Tower within Vista Lakes
City of Orlando Municipal Planning Board Meeting
December 17th at 8am
City Council Chambers - 2nd floor
460 Boone Ave.
Irrigation Schedule
Mandatory lawn watering restrictions specify the days when you may water.  Follow these simple guidelines for your home:
Leaf/Grass Clippings Blowing into the Street
The next time your lawn is cut, please follow these simple guidelines:
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