Vista Lakes consists of fourteen neighborhoods: eleven have detached houses; two have condominiums (Horizons and Central Park); and one has town homes (Gentry Park). Five of the neighborhoods with detached houses as well as Horizons are gated. There is a total of 2,185 homes in Vista Lakes: 1,531 detached houses, 414 condominiums and 240 town homes.
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Upcoming Events
Summer Luau
Saturday, July 20th to Sunday, July 21st, 6-9pm at Vista Lakes Clubhouse
Summer Luau July 20th 6-9pm - entertainment and catering.
Dive-in Movie
Saturday, August 10th to Sunday, August 11th, 8-11pm at Vista Lakes Clubhouse Pool
Summer Movie August 10th at 8pm.  Movie TBD
Things to Know
Irrigation Schedule
Mandatory lawn watering restrictions specify the days when you may water.  Follow these simple guidelines for your home:
Leaf/Grass Clippings Blowing into the Street
The next time your lawn is cut, please follow these simple guidelines:
Love the Dog, Hate the Poo.
Pick up after your pooch!  Un-scooped pet waste is a source of water pollution and is a public health concern.  Here's what you need to know:
Street Parking
Violations, Fines, and/or Towing were implemented as of March 1, 2019 in accordance with Vista Lakes Community Association By - Laws and City Ordinances.  Here is what you need to know:
Lost & Found
Lost - Mermaid tail and fin
Posted on June 21, 2019
Someone walked off with my daughters pink purple and blue mermaid tail after the movie swim night. If found please return to the pool or contact me. Her grandparents up north bought it for her and she is very upset. She took it off to swim easier. colefamilyof6@aol.com

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