Vista Lakes ID

A Vista Lakes identification card is required in order to use the pools and parks. I.D.’s are issued by pool staff during the hours of operation of the pools.  This ID will be checked to access the pool, to attend events, and could be asked for at any of our three parks or other HOA property.  The ID's do expire every 5 years for homeowners and expire on lease experation dates for tenants.
To obtain your ID, please bring in...
  • Deed and driver's license if you are the homeowner.
  • If you are leasing, please bring a copy of the valid lease agreement signed by both parties and driver's license with the property address.
  • Any resident over 18 that is not the homeowner will need to provide two valid and official current  forms of verification of address such as a utility bill with your name and current Vista Lakes address along with a valid photo ID with current Vista Lakes address. 
To obtain your mortgage deed...
  • Go here on the Orange County Property Appraisers website and search for your address.
  • Click on the 'Sales' tab
  • Click on the 'Instrument #' for your sale and then select 'Continue to Site'
  • In the upper left hand corner you will see 'View Images'
  • Click to view that image which is your warranty deed
  • Print this out and bring it in with you