To join or contact a committee below, please email and indicate which committee you would like to be in contact with.


The Amenities Committee is responsible for oversight, including budgetary issues, of the operations and maintenance of the amenities area (the pools, buildings and surrounding area inside the outer fence, parking lots, tennis courts), the three parks, and landscaping and irrigation of VLCA-owned land and the Residents' Club renovation. Working with the staff, the Committee is also responsible for reviewing, modifying and creating policies and procedures for Board approval, recommending Residents' Club renovations and recommending the annual and any supplementary budget requests to the Board.
Carla Daly (Chair)
Roxanne Krywacz
Katherine Sebestyen
Leah Fuller
Chris and Marily Huss
Jeff Gomez
Bennie Hichez

Architectural Review (ARC)

If you are planning on making any changes to the outside of your house that can be seen by your neighbors, or to the appearance of your yard, the changes must conform to the Guidelines in the Vista Lakes Governing Documents, and you probably need to obtain approval from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). The ARC Administrator can help determine whether or not you need to submit an Architectural Review Form.
The ARC reviews Architectural Review Applications submitted by homeowners. Applications are approved if it is determined that they conform to the Guidelines; otherwise it denies the application. On completion of approved changes, the ARC Administrator will inspect the changes to insure compliance with the approved application.
ARC applications should be submitted to the ARC Administrator. The ARC normally meets twice per month at the Residents' Club. Please check the home page of the web site, or with the ARC Administrator for dates and times.
If you are repainting your house, we recommend that you narrow down your choices by viewing the approved house color schemes in the Color Scheme Books at the Residents' Club.
Bill Pass (Chair)
John DeCrotie


The Budget Committee meets in the late Summer/Fall to do the budget for the following year.
Gary Mitchell (chair)
Monica Sanchez
Paul Shelton


The Communications Committee is responsible for publishing the Vista Lakes Community Association quarterly newsletter, maintaining the Association website, and posting on official VLCA social media channels.

Aaron Simmons (Chair)
Carla Daly

Covenant Enforcement

A Covenants Enforcement Committee consisting of at least three and no more than seven members, acting in accordance with the provisions of the Declaration, the By-Laws, and resolutions the Board may adopt, the Covenants Enforcement Committee shall be the hearing tribunal of the Association and shall conduct all hearings held. 


Katherine Sebastian (chair)
Brandy Morris
Nathalie Carrillo
Paul Lawrence

Safety and Security

This committee will work with the community, committee’s, home owners, and all offices of the City of Orlando to make our community safe.  Provide progress reports to the HOA board and make recommendations on safety issues for the community.
The city of Orlando provided us with great Neighborhood Watch information which you can view here.
Alexis Del Rosario (Chair)
Liz Dehalt
Bennie Hichez
David Cruz
John Hobble
Scott Hanson
Jose Perez
Paul Lawrence
Janet Weinberg

Ad-hoc Committees

EverBe Development
- John Daly
Grant Committee for Orange County Beautification
- Alex Del Rosario
- Carla Daly
- Devin Hackwith (chair)
- Kenneth Kozielski
- Trista Hobble